Leggings for Workout

Find a pair of workout leggings that suit best for the type of your body and training.


Choose leggings that fit snugly around your hips and give you enough support. Try doing some basic squats when testing leggings to see how the waistline stays in place.


Stretchy elastane fabric can give you nice compression but there are also other materials such as cotton, wool and bamboo which might suit better, if your doing not that intense training.


Choose leggings that suit to the type of activity you’re performing. It’s okay to have a dozen pair of leggings to get out to most of each practice and training, from gym to relaxed home stretching.

Performance Leggings for Workout
Countour leggings with 4-way stretch material providing optimal movement to get the most out of your workout. Premium seamless leggings with a bum scrunch detail. These bestsellers are a great addition to your leggings collection.
Leggings with a compressice wiastband providing keeps the leggings where they should stay. These leggings are designed for intense workout but are also perfect for yoga and daily wear.
Brushed cottony soft and stretch fabric providing you a comfortable feel during yoga or other workout. Side pockets for storage. Seamless waistband.
Buttery-soft fabric with a double-brushed finish. Alphalux leggings feels like a second skin accentuating your curves. Lightweight to wear, high-waisted with no front seam. Enjoy the most of your workout with these leggings.
Relode Mercy Tights

Feel comfortable while working out. Maximize your movements thanks to flexible material of these stylish and quality made leggings.

High-quality squat proof training tights with a spacious pocket on both sides. Great tights for running. Light compression and tight fit. Made of breathable and quick-drying material.
Fitted fit leggings in energetic blue color. Speedwick technology fabric keeps you dry during any workout. Featured with a hip pocket for small storage.
High-waisted leggings with seamless contouring details. The supportive structure and ribbed waistband makes these leggings fit perfectly while they feel incredibly comfortable during workout.
Fitted design and a close-to-skin feel. These tights have also a built-in UPF protectin that helps keep you covered. High-rise waistband and a patch pocket on right thigh.
Leggings that keep you cool while training
Leggings that keep you cool while training

Leggings made out of lightweight and breathable fabric make a world of difference in the heat. Quality leggings might actually keep you feeling cooler than you would with bare legs.